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Sarah McGee West of Union Design
"Hi there, I’m Sarah McGee, your friendly neighborhood décor extraordinaire."

With the encouragement of incredible mentors, designers who lent a helping hand to a fellow working woman, West Of Union arrived on the scene.

I’ve always been a creative soul with an eye for what works in a room, helping many a friend along the way. When my youngest daughter left the nest for kindergarten, I decided to pursue my passion full time.

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"I approached a local design firm and begged to be taught the secret designer ways."


As luck would have it, the person I decided to approach was a woman by the name of Vicky Early, who owned and ran Artichoke Designs in Carmel, IN. Turns out Vicky is all about giving a helping hand and kindly took me under her wing.

When Vicky decided to spend more time doing what she loves best (painting! you can find her work @vickyearlyart), she gently booted me out of the nest and encouraged me to build one of my own.

Around the same time, I had some lovely things written about my work by another much-admired designer by the name of Laurel Bern.

These two incredible women gave me the last ingredient to move forward: Confidence.

Sarah McGee West of Union
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Sarah McGee West of Union
"One of my strengths in the home is bringing a hint of magic to an environment."

Prior to design, I started out as an actor. I’ve stepped onto -and once, tripped onto, (I’ll tell you about it in person) my fair share of stages here in Indy. I still work in print and commercials if time allows. For me, the best thing about theatre is the sense of a magic; the magical world we imagine and layer until it comes alive. We’ll use that same magic to create a home for you that is uniquely, beautifully yours.

Our home is our own magical place.

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